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Beate Heymann
The Label Beate Heymann stands for high quality and excellent service.

The target audience are self-confident and stylish women. Beside fancy cuts and visionary compositions of fabric, which dominate the collections, many details and harmonized accessories emphasize the looks.

In addition to the visual appearance the wellness of the customer is fundamental for the designer. The customer should not only see the service of the designer, but also feel it on her skin.

The Beate Heymann collection has a unique concept the Brand are against having their own online shop, because they want to offer their customers the possibility to feel the collection, feel the fabrics, see the cuts, experience the fitting and to try them out. They really recommend the customer to take some time and to enjoy the consultation available in your boutiques. They inform the customer on their website that the boutique owner  will offer the end consumer fair prices, excellent service and exclusiveness. This is something that we firmly believe that an online shop cannot provide the customer with.

We are looking forward to showing the collection at Scoop International 21st – 23rd July and also at our London Showroom 6 Wessex Gardens NW11 9RT from 11th July – 30th August 2019. Please contact 0208 458 6500 or to make an appointment

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