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Andre Laufer International are delighted to Introduce the latest brand to our Portfolio - 1-ONE which is designed and made in Italy by designer Isabella Julio.

The name of the brand has an important meaning for designer Isabella Julio: it means the start, the beginning, the rebirth. The first day of the year when you are full of energy, dreams, good intentions and faith. The logo of the brand reminds us of the old desk calendar with a leaf for every day you could tear out. Nowadays we forget these kinds of little gestures, we are always too busy and live in a fast world. 1-ONE wants to regain the emotion for a new day, for little things and gestures.  

The fabrics used are suitable for a dynamic and modern woman. Incorporating Jersey, which is elegant and easy to wear, along with cotton and other more structured fabrics. Silk is also used embracing the silhouette in every single move. Each creation is studied to give a strong, fresh and immediate visual impact and then it is studied in its three-dimensional aspect to convey a comfortable sensation in wearing it. The most important thing is to let women feel free, light and at ease in every situation. Because the real sensuousness springs from the soul.

1-ONE is for women who love to be sexy, free and lively at the same time. And who look for something able to exalt their personality and femininity Every creation of the brand is studied to enhance the silhouette in an elegant way, without being too bold. Prints and colours are full of energy and irony in the simple patterns as well as in the provocative ones, conveying liveliness and peace at the same time.

The main emphasis of the collection is Elegance and being able to move with simplicity. It is a smile you don’t expect, a joyful colour, an amazing print. Graceful naturalness without too much clash.

1-ONE conveys joy, liveliness and lightness. Every single piece of the collection communicates brightness and delight to the person wearing it. 

We have already had a great response to this brand at the end of last season and are looking forward to showing the collection at Scoop International 21st – 23rd July and also at our London Showroom 6 Wessex Gardens NW11 9RT from 3rd July – 15th August 2019. Please contact 0208 458 6500 or info@andre-laufer.com to make an appointment.

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